Who are we

She is dynamic and elegant, playful and full of Joie de Vivre. She knows what she is looking for, but also enjoys adventure and the inspiration sparked by unexpected discoveries. Toronto, Montréal, New-York or anywhere under the Sun, wherever she is going in search of exciting opportunities, Layover Boutique is her connection. Here is the turning point in her journey between where she was and where she will be; bringing together who she is and who she will be. Wherever you are going, let us be part of your journey.



What We Do

Our team at LAYOVER provides full-service styling from head-to-toe. You can book an appointment ahead of time, and we will even pull pieces, in your personal style and size, so it’s ready for you upon arrival! We have created a relaxing, zen-like shopping environment that removes the stress from your fashion hunt. Our team loves what we do! We love fashion and import top-tier designs and looks from all over the world. We understand that you don’t want to see everyone wearing your piece, so we only order one size, and colour, per style. Our staff are also experts in their field, with over 5 years industry experience.

A LAYOVER is a break or stop in a journey, and we try to make that as stop-over as effortless and fun as possible!


One more thing

We are privately owned, by Montreal Fashion group SOLEIL CASHMERE ( WWW.SOLEILCASHMERE.COM)

Our buyer has lived, travelled, and studied design all over the world to bring the best of fashion from far-and-wide.

From a more local perspective, At LAYOVER we also offer custom cashmere sweater tailoring, and custom design, suitable for gifting and special occasions! Pricing starts at $295, and it takes 4-6 weeks to arrive in our boutique!

For Marketing & Brand Inquiries, please contact Brand Manager: press@layoverboutique.com



You will find below the complete list of the brands that we carry.

  • Women’s Clothing

    M, Made in Italy
    Soleil Cashmere
    6 Colour 5 Power
    Zero Degrees Celcius
    Shiu Sho
    I love Tyler Madison
    Miss Molly
    Articles of Society
    Mara Hoffman
    Fashion Explore

  • Jewelry + Accessories

    Blue Dot Jewelry
    Sol Del Sur
    K’O’Brien Jewelry
    De’deMOO Bags
    JO Bags

  • Shoes

    United Nude
    House of Harlowe 1960

  • Gifting + Home

    JG & CO